The Music Artistry Program (MAP), formerly Piano Adjudications, provides an opportunity for students to prepare and perform two polished pieces and receive feedback from a qualified adjudicator.

2024 Dates & Details

MAP (for piano) will be held Friday-Sunday, March 22-24, 2024

Visiting Artists: Dr. Lark Powers, NCTM, Dr. Jensina Oliver, NCTM, Dr. Kay Zavislak, NCTM

Registration Deadline: December 22, 2023

What is the Music Artistry Program?

For the Student:

  • Set goals which go beyond the normal weekly routine.
  • The process is similar to sports: practice – games – tournaments
  • Perform for a highly-respected visiting artist
  • Work one-on-one with the adjudicator to improve your performance
  • Receive written comments and a certificate for your hard work

For the Parent:

  • Visiting artists are experienced teachers with advanced training who have been carefully screened by WSMTA. They are nationally certified by MTNA and many serve on college faculties around the PNW
  • Non-competitive format encourages learning, rather than comparison with others
  • The Music Artistry Program can serve as a goal for your child to prepare two memorized pieces

For the Teacher:

  • Challenge yourself and your students to achieve artistic goals
  • Observe your students’ lessons from a third-person perspective, often seeing new ways to approach difficult situations or unique problems
  • Share ideas and questions with a supportive colleague. MAP includes one-on-one time with the visiting artist after they have heard your students
  • Discover trends and areas which may need improvement
  • Do you have a student that needs financial help to enter the Music Artistry Program? WSMTA Adjudication Subsidy Grants are available for students with real financial need (max 2 per teacher).