2021 Chapter Honors Competition (CHC) Results

We are thrilled to announce the results of the 2021 SKCMTA Chapter Honors Competition!

1st State Recitalist
Evelina Bozhko, student of Sviatlana Riedel

2nd State Recitalist
Kayla Clark, student of William Chapman Nyaho

1st Alternate
Thomas Huynh, student of Sviatlana Riedel

2nd Alternate
Caleb Bilti, student of William Chapman Nyaho

1st Ranked Honorable Mention
Zainab Ahmed, student of Samantha Yeung

2nd Ranked Honorable Mention
Chester Pham, student of Sviatlana Riedel

3rd Ranked Honorable Mention
Alia Uffenorde, student of Julie Swienty

4th Ranked Honorable Mention
Savannah Brooks, student of Julie Swienty

5th Ranked Honorable Mention
Erica Hoashi-Erhardt, student of Dianne Nichols

Unranked Honorable Mentions:
Kevin Liu, student of Heather Forbes
Katy Nguyen, student of Samantha Yeung
Mark Davydenko, student of Sviatlana Riedel

Thank you so much to our wonderful judges, Lisa Bergman and Deborah Dewey, who went above and beyond to make this a positive experience!

–Julie Swienty, CHC Chair